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University of Geneva diploma
University of Geneva diploma

The University of Geneva (French: Université de Genève) is a well-known public university located in Geneva, Switzerland. buy University of Geneva diploma online, It is a member of the International Forum of Public Universities, the European Union of Research Universities, and the Coimbra Group.

In 1559, John Calvin established the School of Geneva (Latin: Schola Genevensis), which mainly taught rhetoric, dialectics, Hebrew, and classical Greek. It gained widespread reputation during the European Reformation. fake University of Geneva diploma certificate, After the Enlightenment era, the academic field gradually expanded, and in 1873, the Department of Medicine was established and officially renamed as a university. In addition, the University of Geneva also has the Geneva Institute of Advanced Translation (ETI).

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The University of Geneva offers over 240 degree programs in different disciplines and approximately 150 continuing education programs annually. Prior to 2005, universities adopted the French degree system, which consisted of three levels: Bachelor’s degree (License), Advanced Advanced Research Diploma (DEA), and Doctorat. Afterwards, in accordance with the spirit of the Bologna Declaration signed by the education ministers of 29 European countries, the degree system of universities gradually aligned with European countries. The University of Geneva enjoys an international reputation and is a member of the European Union of Research Universities, which brings together 23 of the best research universities in Europe.

The University of Geneva is a comprehensive university that offers a variety of courses. fake University of Geneva diploma maker, The school’s outstanding research areas include life sciences (molecular biology, bioinformatics), basic particle physics, and astrophysics. In addition, the University of Geneva also has one of the oldest and most advanced translation schools in the world – the Geneva Advanced Translation Institute (ETI). The School of Advanced International Relations and Development also enjoys a high reputation.

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