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Université Paris Dauphine diploma
Université Paris Dauphine diploma

Université Paris Dauphine, also known as the University of Paris Dauphine, is one of the universities of Paris. buy a Université Paris Dauphine diploma, It was established in 1968 after the split of the University of Paris. The Ninth University of Paris is the only public university in France with a grande é cole nature, and the first public university in France to be accredited by EQUIS.

The advantageous disciplines include management, economics, mathematics, computer science, etc. Since its establishment, Paris 9 has been a pilot for higher education reform in France. In 2010, the French government funded the establishment of PSL University (ranked 19th globally and first in France in the 2024 CWUR World University Ranking; ranked 24th globally and first in France in the 2024QS World University Ranking; ranked 40th globally and first in France in the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Ranking), aiming to restructure and merge some of the excellent research institutions in the Paris region into research universities with global competitiveness.

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The predecessor of the University of Paris was the Sorbonne Theological Seminary, which officially adopted the name “University of Paris” in 1261. Along with the University of Bologna in Italy, it is known as the oldest university in the world and is known as the “mother of European universities”. With the wave of higher education reform in France, the University of Paris was divided into 13 universities, each of which had its own independent affiliation but shared a common name, the University of Paris. Université Paris Dauphine diploma replacement, In the past century, as a world-class university, the University of Paris has trained a large number of famous figures for China, such as Yan Jici, Xu Deheng, Qian Sanqiang, Chen Yinke, Shi Shiyuan, Yang Xiufeng, Wang Li, Wang Yuhu, Wang Dezhao, and so on. Among them, Shi Shiyuan went to study at the University of Paris after graduating from Tsinghua University in 1929, and was the only doctoral student trained by Madame Curie for China.

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