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Universität Kassel Urkunde
Universität Kassel Urkunde

Universität Kassel is a public university located in Kassel, Hesse, Germany, with a superior geographical location and beautiful environment. buy a Universität Kassel Urkunde, The university has a long history and high teaching quality. Currently, more than 1700 students from 98 countries are studying at the university, mainly because the degree courses it offers have international academic standards.

The university has signed cooperation contracts with 22 universities in Africa, the Americas, and Asia. More than 100 scientists were invited to conduct academic research and teaching at Kassel University, ranking in the top 50 of the 2000 German university rankings. fake Universität Kassel Urkunde maker, The research fields of the University of Kassel have always been relatively broad, usually interdisciplinary, and can be summarized into four main aspects, namely “nature, technology, art, and social sciences”.

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The teaching of the University of Kassel is deeply influenced by the Kassel model, which is a teaching philosophy that emphasizes practice. It is the guiding ideology for the establishment of Kassel University and the reform of the degree system. Universität Kassel Urkunde bachelor, All majors are linked to work practice at the beginning, helping students develop the ability to connect with society so that they can smoothly find employment after graduation.

The architecture, landscape, furniture design, industrial design, and other art majors at Kassel University are very impressive, with industrial design ranking among the top three in Germany. The school’s academic system is diplom, with a 9-semester system. Germans place more emphasis on basic subject education, so the first two years are compulsory courses, and later they start choosing directions and doing projects.

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