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TUHH Urkunde
TUHH Urkunde

Hamburg University of Technology, German: Technische Universität Hamburg; abbreviated as TUHH, is a German public comprehensive university located in the Hamburg district of Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg Institute of Technology is one of the youngest and most successful universities in Germany. buy a fake TUHH Urkunde, It was founded in 1978 and began teaching in 1982, gaining popularity in the short term. Hamburg University of Technology has over 30 undergraduate and master’s programs and has the authority to confer doctoral degrees recognized by Germany. It has 100 senior lecturers and professors, and 1150 faculty members (450 researchers and visiting scholars). The school is renowned for its high degree of internationalization, offering 13 international courses taught in all English, recruiting students worldwide, and all of them have been certified by the German ASIIN institution. In addition, the school is a member of the European Association of Higher Engineering Education and Research Schools (CESAER).

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The Hamburg University of Technology is a small and exquisite university. Located in the Hamburg district of Hamburg, the environment is quiet and beautiful. The school has a high degree of internationalization, and in addition to English majors, German majors also use English very frequently. fake TUHH Urkunde generator, Since the introduction of bachelor’s degrees in 1994, the development of the school has been very rapid, and the number of students has also been increasing day by day. The school places great emphasis on cultivating students’ practical abilities and has high requirements for the application of the knowledge they have learned. The school teaches many part-time off-campus research institutes, and the teaching is closely integrated with industry.

The Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) is a non-profit private business school located on TUHH campus, founded in 1998 by 40 professors from TUHH. TUHH Urkunde replacement, The school collaborates with TUHH to provide engineering-related management courses for master’s students studying at TUHH (recruiting around 30 students worldwide each year), known as the double degree program, which grants MBA or MA degrees and is certified by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBBA).

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