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TU Wien diploma
TU Wien diploma

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), also known as the Technical University of Vienna, is the largest natural science and technology research and education institution in Austria. buy fake TU Wien diploma, It jointly established the Austrian Technical University Alliance (TU Austria) with Graz Technical University and Leoben Mining University. The school was established in 1815, formerly known as the Royal Institute of Technology in Vienna.

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The school has over 4000 scientists studying “technology serving humanity” in five main research areas across eight colleges. More than 27000 students from 55 degree programs benefited from it. TU Wien diploma replacement, As a promoter of innovation, the school has strengthened cooperation between schools and enterprises and made contributions to the prosperity of society. The school actively participates in international cooperation and is a member of organizations such as the European Association of Universities, the CESAER Conference on Higher Engineering Education in Europe, and the TASSEP Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program.

Vienna University of Technology offers a total of 53 professional courses, including 18 bachelor’s degree programs, 31 master’s and education degrees, and 3 doctoral degrees. fake TU Wien diploma maker, Starting from the winter academic year of 2006, in response to the Bologna process, except for a few degrees in education, all majors can complete their studies under the bachelor’s and master’s system (prior to 2006, all majors only offered undergraduate and master’s programs).

In addition, Vienna University of Technology also offers Master of Business Administration (MAB Program), Master of Science (MSc Program), and Master of Engineering (MEng Program) courses. The main teaching building of the Technical University of Vienna is mostly located in Karlsplatz, the fourth district of Vienna. Surrounding are famous tourist attractions in Vienna.

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