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TU Graz diploma
TU Graz diploma

Graz University of Technology (German: Technische Universität Graz) is the second largest city in Austria, and due to its beautiful scenery and long history, it was once rated as the cultural capital of Europe. buy fake TU Graz diploma, In addition, the second largest opera house in Austria is also located here, and major art festivals such as “Steyr’s Autumn” held year-round in Graz are renowned worldwide.

In 1864, it was a higher technical institution under the jurisdiction of the Stail state government. In 1874, it belonged to the Austro Hungarian Federal Government and was named the Graz Royal Technical College. In 1901, he had the power to confer doctoral degrees. In 1975, it was renamed Graz Technical University and has five colleges. It is one of the 18 Austrian public universities recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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Graz University of Technology is mainly composed of three campuses, each located within the city of Graz, with a total campus area of approximately 200000 square meters. The federal government budget for the university in 2008 was approximately 1 billion euros, and the project contract amount in 2007 was approximately 425 million euros. There are a total of 2118 university employees, including 1293 scientific researchers (including 681 project researchers). fake TU Graz diploma maker, Universities have a high-quality faculty, and many experts and professors in their teaching staff enjoy world reputation in their respective research fields. The university also has advanced teaching equipment, a complete network transmission system, and particularly a top-notch allocation of book resources in Austria. TUG enjoys a high international reputation in fields such as architecture, computer science, and actuarial science.

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