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TU Berlin Zeugnis
TU Berlin Zeugnis

There are approximately 130000 registered university students in higher education institutions located in Berlin, which also attract a large number of foreign students to study here. Berlin has four famous higher education institutions, including Technical University of Berlin, Humboldt University, Berlin Free University, and Berlin University of the Arts. buy a TU Berlin Zeugnis, Among them, Humboldt University located in East Berlin is the oldest university in Berlin, with 42000 students enrolled, making it one of the largest universities in Germany.

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Technical University of Berlin currently has seven colleges, offering over 100 majors. In addition to key majors such as engineering and natural sciences, there are also majors such as humanities, society, planning and management, and economics. Among these fields, optics, control, tooling, and engineering design are quite prominent. In addition, Technical University of Berlin has the largest applied chip research center in Germany, while others have achieved impressive results in the application of aircraft jet engines, helicopter propellers, automotive wheels, liquid crystal bodies, sewage treatment, and more.

Technical University of Berlin is the first higher education institution in Germany to award degrees in environmental science, leading the world in research equipment and resources, such as using the university’s artificial satellites to observe the migration of birds on Earth in outer space. buy fake TU Berlin Zeugnis, On the other hand, Technical University of Berlin maintains extensive connections with over 200 universities around the world, and also maintains close cooperative relationships with many economic research institutions and large enterprises. In addition, Technical University of Berlin is also one of the largest vocational training institutions in Berlin, providing training for 147 positions annually. Therefore, the Technical University of Berlin is constantly developing towards an international comprehensive university that integrates research, academia, and economics.

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