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Sullivan University transcript
Sullivan University transcript

Sullivan University is a for-profit, private university located in Louisville, KY. Admission is open to all given its 100% acceptance rate. It has a small student body with full-time enrollment of 1,254 undergrads. Sullivan provides 39 unique majors across seven academic disciplines. buy a fake Sullivan University transcript, The most commonly chosen focuses are Business, Culinary Arts and Food Service, and Computer Systems Technician, with 12% of graduates receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business. 9% and 6% of students study Culinary Arts and Food Service and Computer Systems Technician, respectively.

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It ranks second in Kentucky for both its culinary arts and pharmacy programs. Furthermore, Sullivan University is 1st in KY on our best college food list. Tuition runs $13,513 without any aid. Before you discount applying because of the price, know that a substantial majority of Sullivan undergraduates gets financial aid. 28% of Sullivan University students graduate college and start the following chapter of their lives: employment. buy a fake Sullivan University transcript, The median graduate goes on to make a salary of $26,000 two years after receiving their degrees. After another four years in the job market, the alumni’s average salary increases 20.8% to $31,400; however, that is still 21.7% beneath the national median income for individuals.

You might also like to hear that there is a $30 application fee and it does not have early decision. Sullivan University official transcript, Secondly, undergraduates have the option to study abroad for a semester. Related to your wallet, be aware that Sullivan undergraduates cough up around $1,890 on textbooks and supplies every year.

With respect to demographics, the faculty is comprised of 4% Asian-Americans and 1% of professors are mixed-race. Lastly, six years after receiving their degrees, the lowest-earning quartile of graduates rake in $16,900 or less and 16% of Sullivan alumni are out of work six years after college.

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