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Sorbonne University diploma
Sorbonne University diploma

Sorbonne University (French: Sorbonne Université; English: Sorbonne University), abbreviated as Sorbonne, is a world-class research university located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. buy a fake Sorbonne University diploma, It was formed in January 2018 by the merger of the former Paris Sorbonne University (Paris IV University) and the former Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI University).

Sorbonne University is a member of the French 4EU+Alliance, the University of Excellence Program, the European Research University Alliance, and the European Capital University Alliance. It currently has three main departments: literature, science, and medicine. Sorbonne University alumni have produced a total of 25 Nobel Prize winners, 12 Fields Prize winners, and 1 Turing Prize winner.

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The School of Literature at Sorbonne University has a long history, dating back to the establishment of Sorbonne College in 1257. Sorbonne University diploma replacement, The School of Literature mainly teaches literature, language, humanities, and social sciences, and has multiple teaching and research units and colleges, including the College of Advanced Studies in Information and Communication Science (CELSA) and the College of Advanced Teachers and Education (ESPE).

The Faculty of Sciences of Sorbonne University inherits from the Sixth University of Paris (the direct successor of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris) and is the main force of scientific research in France. The Faculty of Science has over 125 research institutes and laboratories, most of which have cooperative relationships with the French National Center for Scientific Research. fake Sorbonne University diploma certificate, Among them, the most famous include the Henri Poincar é Institute, the Paris Institute of Astrophysics, the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Paris VI (LIP6), the Giuseppe Institute of Mathematics (shared with the University of Paris VII), and the Castellar Blossom Laboratory (shared with the Paris Higher Normal School). The School of Medicine at Sorbonne University is divided into the Pitier Saputie Teaching Hospital and the San Antonio Teaching Hospital.

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