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RN Certificate
RN Certificate

Registered Nurse, abbreviated as RN, is a professional in the United States. Regardless of which state they are in, they must pass the professional license examination and obtain a registered nurse license issued by that state in order to engage in nursing work. buy RN Certificate, The United States adopts a federal system and each state has its own independent laws. For the license examination of nurses, from accepting the requirements for application and educational experience, qualification review, issuing the license after passing the examination, to updating the license every two years, or renewing the license after relocation, all belong to the jurisdiction of the nursing bureaus of each state government.

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Therefore, the first step in obtaining a nurse license from RN or LVN is to apply for exam qualifications from the state board of care, approve them, and then register for the exam. However, in order to unify the nursing standards throughout the United States and avoid the hassle of holding separate license exams and issuing new licenses, the National Nursing Bureau Joint Committee abbreviated as NCSBN, was jointly formed. How to get RN Certificate? Since 1987, the NCLEX has held a nationwide nursing license exam. And since 1994, exams have been conducted through computer testing. The RN exam is called NCLEX-RN. The LVN exam is called NCLEX-PN.

The National Council Of State Board Of Nursing (NCSBN) is the organization responsible for the National Nurse License Examination (NCLEX) across the United States. This institution conducts a lot of research every year, such as the workplace, scope, and responsibilities of a newly graduated RN or LPN/LVN. Based on the collected data, it can determine the direction and focus of the NCLEX Test Plan for the US Nurse License Examination. Because of this, the exam questions for the American Nurse License Examination can reflect the clinical aspects of nursing in the United States. And it is possible to establish passing standards for the American Nurse License Examination.

Moreover, every three years, the direction and focus of the American Nurse License Examination, as well as the passing standards for the Nurse License Examination, are updated. The institution is also responsible for setting questions for the nurse license exam. RN Certificate online, They select nursing teachers from across the United States and regularly gather in Chicago to specialize in writing exam questions. After writing an exam question and passing the test, it can be officially used. For the execution of computer exams, the organization hires a certain company to execute them, and then the exam center contracted by the company will conduct the American Nurse Exam computer exam throughout the United States.

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