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Queen's University transcript
Queen’s University transcript

Queen’s University (QU) is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was established on October 16, 1841, in accordance with the Royal Charter issued by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. buy fake Queen’s University transcript, It is a renowned Canadian university, a public research university, and a member of the Pleiades University Alliance and the Canadian U15 Research University Alliance.

Queen’s University has made many contributions in the field of scientific research worldwide, and Professor McDonald was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015. The school offers 15 different departments including business, medicine, law, biology, engineering, humanities, and science, and has established Bader UK Learning Center. The courses offered by Queen’s University now include applied science, humanities, business, education, research institutes, law, nursing, physical education, rehabilitation therapy, theology, art, etc. At the same time, the school is continuously adding other leading majors.

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Alumni culture is one of the important components of Queen’s University’s core culture, and the school builds many new facilities and equipment every year with the support of alumni. From the laboratory to the gymnasium, from the library to the student activity center. Queen’s University academic transcript, The $45 million Joseph S. Stauffer Library on campus provides convenient electronic services for students; During the exam period, the Stauffer Library is open 24 hours a week.

The school’s “Biological Science Complex” costs 50 million Canadian dollars. At the Eight Galleries in the Center of Consciousness, Queen’s University offers degrees in art appreciation, allowing students to visit masterpieces by European masters such as Raphael and Rembrandt. The Model Parliament of Queen’s University is held annually in the Canadian House of Representatives.

Queen’s University provides English language dual admission for most international students majoring in English, including academic English bridging courses such as Q-Bridge and EAP, to help international students meet the language requirements for undergraduate admissions. make fake Queen’s University transcript, This course can prepare students adequately for future degree programs. The course is divided into 6 levels, with 12 weeks for each level, and 22.5 hours of language teaching and practice per week. The course includes a series of extracurricular communication activities to enable students to better engage with Canadian society and integrate into local culture.

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