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Pearson SRF BTEC diploma
Pearson SRF BTEC diploma

BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) is a branded educational product of Edexcel and an internationally recognized qualification certificate for applied technology and vocational skills. If you need a fake Pearson SRF BTEC diploma, please let us know.

There are over 400 colleges and universities in the UK offering BTEC courses, and over 7000 centers in over 120 countries around the world have implemented successful BTEC courses, teaching, and training models. It covers 150 majors and nearly 3000 teaching modules. More than 260 universities worldwide recognize BTEC, including countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Every year, over 2 million students in the UK and overseas study various qualification certificate courses in EdExcel. Completing BTEC will result in BTEC HND (British National Higher Education Diploma) and BTEC ND (British National Education Diploma). After obtaining the BTEC certificate, students can directly apply for first-year courses at overseas universities. In 2016, nearly a quarter of British university students were admitted to universities through BTEC.

Note 1: BTEC (Business and Technical Education Committee) was formed in 1986 by the merger of BEC (Business Education Committee) and TEC (Process and Technical Education Committee). In 1996, BTEC merged with the London Examinations and Assessment Commission (ULEAC) and later became the largest examination certification body in the UK – the Edexcel National Qualifications and Professional Examinations Commission.

BTEC is the brand education product of Edexcel, the largest examination and certification body in the UK. fake Pearson SRF BTEC diploma maker, Pearson, one of the three major accreditation bodies in the UK, issues certificates for BTEC’s art and design courses (the other two being Oxford and Cambridge).

At present, more than 120 countries and 7000 centers around the world have successfully implemented the teaching and training model of BTEC preparatory courses. At the same time, BTEC certificates have also been recognized by well-known English-speaking universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Central Saint Martin, and credits are valid for life.

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