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ONMU diploma
ONMU diploma

Odessa State Medical University was born in 1900. It is a higher medical institution with a long history in Ukraine. buy a fake ONMU diploma, It was awarded the highest level four accreditation by the national education accreditation agency. The school has 6 departments including dentistry, pharmacy, international education, graduate education, and medical school and dozens of related departments, including biophysics, computer science, internal medicine, pediatrics, nursing, dermatology, traumatology, plastic surgery, and pharmacy. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in related fields. Odessa State Medical University became one of the main institutions of the Ukrainian medical system, a member of the International and European Universities Association and UNESCO.

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The school teaches in Ukrainian, Russian, English and French. During the teaching process, students will master different modern medical knowledge

Odessa State Medical University has a total of 18 academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 106 doctoral professors, 410 associate doctoral and associate professors, 26 doctors with science-technical and excellent education titles, 10 honorary winners from the country or other institutions, 46 Chinese Academy of Surgery member.

You can obtain a master’s degree in 27 majors, an associate’s degree in 58 majors, and clinical practice in 96 majors. fake ONMU diploma maker, The school also has its own medical center and has created unique scientific research and medical departments to provide students with a good practical learning environment.

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