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MIUR diploma
MIUR diploma

The Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) is the key RTD policy actor and funding agency in Italy at state level. MIUR is in charge to prepare and submit the National Research Program (PNR – Piano Nazionale della Ricerca) proposal to the Government and directly manage it. buy a fake MIUR diploma, In preparation of the new PNR, MIUR adapted on March 2013, a new strategic document called “Horizon 2020 Italy” aimed at defining a reference framework with the European one.

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Besides, the Ministry, in charge of definition of strategic priorities in research and higher education, has the following responsibilities: coordination, assessment, and evaluation of the national university system and advanced training schools; Supporting and following basic research in university and research institutions, programming intervention in public research institutions; Coordination, regulation and funding of national research institutions; fake MIUR diploma maker, Coordination of the research activities promoted by other Ministries; buy MIUR diploma online, Monitoring and supporting the integration between the research system and industries; Integration between public research and applied research; Promoting and supporting research in the industry system; Funding research programs for southern regions; Promoting initiatives such as the Funds for the diffusion of scientific culture (PUS); Enforcement of EU and international rules on university education and research The Registry also has key responsibilities for international co operation.

It includes bi – and multilateral agreements on research and technology collaboration and is in charge of co coordinating Italy’s participation in the European Union’s Framework Program The coordination and funding of international collaborative RTD actions are secured, within the MIUR, by the Director General for Internationalization of Research.

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