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LAU transcript
LAU transcript

The Lebanese International University (LIU) was established in April, 2001, under Presidential Decree No. 5294.  as “The Bekaa University”, with its campus in Bekaa, Al-Khyara, Al Bekaa Al Gharbi, and has since graduated its first Freshman class in June 2002. buy a fake LAU transcript, With a vision of becoming a true national university with international presence, a new campus in Beirut was opened and the name was changed to: “Lebanese International University (LIU)”.

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LIU’s ambitions blossomed beyond the Beqaa, and with a new name “Lebanese International University,” it opened its doors in bustling Beirut. This expansion ignited a period of rapid growth, with campuses blooming across Lebanon in Sidon, Tyre, Nabatieh, Tripoli, and Mount Lebanon. LIU’s reach even transcended national borders, establishing sister universities in Yemen, Senegal, and Mauritania.

Through this rapid expansion, LIU remained committed to its core values of providing affordable, high-quality education. English-language instruction became a hallmark, attracting students seeking internationally recognized qualifications. LAU academic transcript, Research and development became a priority, forging partnerships with prestigious universities and institutions worldwide.

Today, LIU stands tall as a leading educational force in Lebanon and beyond. LAU official transcript, Its nine campuses cater to a diverse student body, nurturing the next generation of professionals and scholars. Ranked among the top universities in the nation, LIU continues to write its story of academic excellence, driven by its unwavering commitment to education and innovation.

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