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Langara College transcript
Langara College transcript

Langara College is the most prestigious public institution on the West Coast of Canada, founded in 1965 and located in the downtown area of Vancouver. buy a Langara College transcript, Langara College in Canada is renowned for its award-winning faculty, high student quality, and a high proportion of university admissions. Every year, it provides learning and training opportunities for over 21000 students, including international students from over 700 countries around the world.

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Langara College has received numerous awards for its strong teaching faculty and has won five Outstanding Teaching Awards in over 200 Canadian colleges over the past decade. Among them, 25% of students pursue one of the various employment diplomas and certificate courses, majoring in fields such as business, computer research, humanities, services, applied arts, or communication; Langara College academic transcript, More than 75% of students are taking courses in their first and second year of university, and these University Transfer programs make Langara College the institution in Canada that offers the most such courses. Langara College official transcript, After completing the first two years of undergraduate courses at our university, one can transfer at a high rate to the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Generally speaking, Langara College’s vocational diplomas and diploma programs are designed for students who wish to receive one or two years of practical training before entering the workforce.

Students are required to meet with an international student advisor to determine whether a diploma or certificate program or a university transfer program, best meets their needs. If a student wishes to obtain a Bachelor’s degree through a four-year college program, the advisor will recommend starting with a University Transfer Program (UT).

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