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KDU University College diploma
KDU University College diploma

KDU University College (KDU) was founded in 1983 and is a pioneer in private higher education in Malaysia. buy a fake KDU University College diploma, It is also a member of the KDU Education Group. KDU has always been committed to providing students with a high-quality learning experience to cultivate independent and lifelong learners. In order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality higher education in society, Bole University College relocated to a new campus located in Glenmarie, Shayanam, Selangor in early 2015. The school spent RM320 million to build a dedicated 10 acre building.

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Adopting the design concept of “learning anytime, anywhere, and for everyone”, the new campus has a spacious space and provides an excellent learning environment, which is conducive to students discussing and collaborating together, thus gaining practical learning experience. KDU University College diploma replacement, The GreenMary New Campus has a total area of 121751 square feet; Two seven story student dormitories, each capable of accommodating up to 584 people; Nine well-equipped lecture halls capable of accommodating 250 students each; 60 advanced classrooms;

KDU University College has a library with an area of over 41000 square feet, three floors, and group discussion spaces; Special facilities for hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts, including simulated five-star hotel suites, kitchens, and restaurants; A game display platform specifically designed for game art, game software, and technology; An advanced computer laboratory that can accommodate 150 students and is equipped with high-speed broadband equipment; A self-service restaurant with 242 seats, serving dishes from three major races and international flavors; A reading room that provides space for students to discuss their coursework and host workshops; A social hall for students to meet, read, and socialize.

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