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IBCC Certificate
IBCC Certificate

Established in 1972 at the federal level, IBCC is responsible for facilitating the exchange of information among member boards in all aspects of intermediate and secondary education. Buy a fake IBCC Certificate, The primary objective is to promote uniformity in the academic evaluation and current standards across the country, as well as to enhance collaborative effects among the boards in current and extracurricular activities

Additionally, IBCC serves as a forum for discussion and consultation among the children of the boards on matters related to the development and promotion of intermediate and secondary education and provide recommendations to the government as appropriate.

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It provides authentication of educational documents issued by recognized examination bodies, and also conducts the evaluation of foreign qualifications up to the higher secondary level In addition, it provides guidance and assistance in facilitating the exchange of teachers and students between member boards It is expected to take any other tasks or activities that are supportive or conductive to achieving its objectives.

The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Karachi is a regulatory body in Pakistan that plays a vital role in promoting and facilitating the education system in the country It was established in 1972 to promote uniformity and equity in educational standards across Pakistan. fake IBCC Certificate maker, It is responsible for various functions, including examination, verification, and equity of educational certificates issued by various educational boards in the country The organization forces to improve the local system to provide students with quality education.

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