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IB diploma
IB diploma

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, also known as the International Baccalaureate, emerged in the 1960s to address the education needs of children of European migrant workers (diplomats, multinational corporations, etc.), enabling them to receive the same quality of education in any country and be admitted to universities around the world. If you need a fake IB diploma, please let us know.

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In the context of educational globalization, it has gradually developed from one project to three consistent projects from preschool education to university preparatory courses; The number of international diploma schools is rapidly increasing, and the proportion of public schools is steadily increasing; The three international diploma programs exhibit unity in terms of philosophy, objectives, and student-centered learning, and continuity in nature, structure, implementation requirements, and evaluation among the programs; We value both the guidance of documents and evaluation supervision, as well as the creative implementation of schools.

The diploma program includes six subject area groups, in addition to three special courses: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creation, Action, and Service (CAS). IB has won recognition from world-renowned universities for its rigorous curriculum and high educational standards. IB programme diploma, In North America and Europe, many famous universities are willing to accept IB students. The IB project has many characteristics in course design, student learning methods, evaluation systems, and methods.

In terms of curriculum, its breadth and depth, cultivation of critical thinking, promotion of tolerance and cross-cultural understanding, and the development of student subjectivity; In terms of evaluation, the guarantee of validity, diverse evaluation tools, internal evaluation models, and support for teacher professional development all reflect the concepts of lifelong learning, international understanding, and critical thinking. It is precisely these characteristics that make IB a symbol of academic integration and intellectual promise. As an advanced educational philosophy, IB is undoubtedly of practical significance to us as a project that has transformed the concept into concrete operations.

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