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As early as 1713, the idea of ​​sustainability was put into practice through a forest management principle by Carl von Carlowitz. buy a fake HfWU Zeugnis, This was preceded by the intensive use of wood for shipbuilding or house building, for example, which put this resource at risk. In his book “Silvicultural Oeconomica”, which deals with economics and forest culture, Carlowitz demanded: “Only cut down as much wood as the forest can bear! As much wood as can grow back!” This is where the term sustainability originated. Based on this, the first forestry reform was introduced by Anna Amalia, mother of Duke Carl August, with the following basic principle: “Provide wood permanently and with a steady yield”.

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This idea of ​​sustainability regained importance in 1972, after the publication of the report “The Limits to Growth” by Dennis Meadows. It became clear that this idea has not lost its relevance in times of finite resources, increased consumer awareness, and advancing globalization. buy HfWU Zeugnis online, Driven by the need to recognize and respond to changes, people have begun to understand the challenges of applied sustainability as opportunities for the relevant areas of economics, ecology, and social issues.

Prompted by the clear change in customer behavior with regard to sustainable products, companies are increasingly confronted with the concept of sustainability. It is the task of companies to find the right answers to the changed purchasing and evaluation behavior. fake HfWU Zeugnis maker, As a result, this requires a comprehensive understanding of economic, ecological, and social aspects and their direct compatibility. The internal company areas are also affected and require an expanded understanding of corporate social responsibility. Measured against these requirements, there is a need for a degree program in this field.

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