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Diploma Hochschule Urkunde
Diploma Hochschule Urkunde

DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen is a legitimate German university recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The school is located in Hesse, Germany, one of the strongest economic regions in Europe, very close to the financial center of Germany and even Europe, Frankfurt. bachelor Diploma Hochschule Urkunde, The school was officially established in 1994 and is a typical representative and influential university of applied universities and dual education in Germany. It ranks among the top universities in the field of economics, especially in cultivating applied talents. The curriculum emphasizes practicality, and the teaching and training methods of North Heights University are widely recognized by German enterprises. At the same time, the school has received strong support from the German government, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Enterprise Association Education Fund.

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DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen has the authority to confer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and all related degrees are recognized by the German and Chinese governments. DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen has around 7000 students, 150 professors, and 450 senior guest speakers. The university has branches in cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich in Germany, and its headquarters is located in the Bart Suden Arendorf campus (near Frankfurt in western Germany).

DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen was officially established in 1994, with its headquarters located at the Bart Suden-Arendorf campus in Germany (near the largest city in Hesse, Frankfurt). fake Diploma Hochschule Urkunde,  DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen is listed on the list of recognized German universities by the Ministry of Education’s Foreign Regulatory Network: NO.237 Fachhochschule Nordhessen.

DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen has a strong faculty, with professors from the business community who have rich management experience and teaching qualifications. At present, DIPLOMA Fachhochschule Nordhessen has 150 university professors and 450 senior guest speakers. The university also has branches in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich in Germany, and the diplomas issued are recognized by the German government.

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