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DHBW Urkunde
DHBW Urkunde

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart, headquartered in Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Bavaria, Germany, is the first dualistic university in Germany to closely integrate theory with practice. The university has eight campuses and 722 full-time professors. buy a DHBW Urkunde, Currently, there are over 26000 students on campus, with approximately 9000 new students recruited each year. More than 100000 graduates have graduated, with 22 majors and 79 professional directions in the three major fields of technology, economy, and society. It is one of the large universities in Bavaria.

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The predecessor of Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Baden-Württemberg State Dual System Vocational College, was established in 1974. The reason for the establishment of this college was that there was a need between the professors of the enterprise and the university, requiring students to have more practical experience and be able to directly enter the enterprise for internships after graduation. bachelor DHBW Urkunde, In 2009, this vocational college was officially upgraded to the current Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, entering the field of higher education.

The leadership of the college consists of two parts, one is the professors of the university, and the other is the current leadership of German enterprises. Two parts work together to form the leadership of this college. Firstly, a company proposes some projects, and then the school completes these projects. Finally, summarize them together as a component of student learning.

Each student undergoes a transition during their studies at a dual university, where they intern in a company for three months and study in school for three months. In the fifth semester, students will have an overseas semester where they can intern and study in German or Chinese companies. fake DHBW Urkunde online, After studying abroad, they will return to college, and after graduation, they may work for foreign German companies or stay in Germany.

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