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CSCSE Certificate
CSCSE Certificate

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) is a public institution directly under the Ministry of Education. It is registered as a public institution. buy a CSCSE Certificate, It is mainly engaged in services related to studying abroad, returning from studying abroad, studying in China, and international exchanges and cooperation in education. It has established good relationships with relevant institutions at home and abroad. business partnership.

An organization named “Chinese International Student Service Center” has emerged in China and the UK. Through visual confusion, it provides Chinese students with study abroad consulting and intermediary services (undergraduate and master’s application, visa renewal, etc.), and uses word games to deceive international students.

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I would like to emphasize again: that the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (English abbreviation: CSCSE) is an institution directly under the Ministry of Education and a government-backed institution. fake CSCSE Certificate maker, This type of organization, such as the “China Overseas Student Service Center”, has no connection with the China Overseas Student Service Center; if someone claims to be an employee of the China Overseas Student Service in Shanghai or the UK, everyone should be more vigilant, because China (Ministry of Education) Overseas Study Service Center has an office The location is only set up in Beijing.

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) is widely involved in passports and visas for government-sponsored and government-sponsored visiting groups, foreign publicity service guarantees, overseas study return placement, foreign academic degree certification, scientific research start-up fund applications and the “Chunhui Plan” overseas study talents return to China during academic leave, Multi-field, high-level, all-round one-stop services including investment consulting for overseas students returning home, Singapore government full scholarship student program, international education exhibitions, study abroad in China, self-financed study abroad agencies, personnel file management, etc.

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