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Cambridge IGCSE Certificate
Cambridge IGCSE Certificate

The full name of IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is one of the curriculum systems with the highest number of examiners in the age group of 14-16 worldwide. buy a Cambridge IGCSE Certificate, GCSE is generally established in the UK, while IGCSE is established outside the UK.

Many domestic and international schools consider IGCSE as a transitional course before A-Level or IB courses. Most IB courses use one-year IGCSE as a link, and some schools do not use IGCSE, but instead offer PRE-IB courses. IGCSE students need to achieve at least 5 passing grades to graduate.

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IGCSE courses in Chinese Mainland mainly include CAIE, Edexcel and Oxford AQA. The CAIE Examination Bureau offers IGCSE courses in over 70 subjects, including over 30 language related subjects. Meanwhile, IGCSE courses are divided into compulsory and elective courses. fake Cambridge IGCSE Certificate maker, The Edwards Examinations Authority currently offers over 40 IGCSE courses. For all students studying IGCSE, like GCSE, they must take courses in mathematics, English, and science. English: English language and English literature (some schools do not require learning English literature), English language is divided into EFL (as first language) and ESL (as second language). Science: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Students should study and obtain at least two IGCSE science subject certificates.

There is a strong correlation between IGCSE and A-Level. The learning of A-Level is based on IGCSE, while A-Level has a relatively large overall course volume. Without the foundation of IGCSE, it will be difficult to directly study A-Level.

IGCSE has a wide range of subjects to choose from, and students can try more different subjects, which is more conducive to finding suitable subjects for themselves. Order a fake Cambridge IGCSE Certificate, At the same time, students will also have more time to search. The A-Level learning stage in the last two years will be reduced to 3-4 courses for further in-depth research.

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