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Cambridge Higher School Certificate
Cambridge Higher School Certificate

The Higher School Certificate is an academic qualification in Mauritius awarded upon the completion of Upper 6 Form, the final stage of secondary school. buy fake Cambridge Higher School Certificate, The qualification is awarded upon earning passing marks on the A-level exams administered by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate of the Cambridge International Examinations board.

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Higher School Certificate (HSC)
The traditional Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the main school-leaving qualification awarded by Mauritian secondary schools. Requirements include A Levels and AS Levels in subjects chosen by the student.
Successful students may receive academic recognition and are eligible to compete for laureateship, a scholarship scheme offered by the Mauritian government for students pursuing higher education.

Higher School Certificate Professional Qualification (HSC Pro)
The Higher School Certificate Professional Qualification (HSC Pro) is an alternative school-leaving qualification with a modified curriculum and structure, which allows students to pursue both an academic curriculum and vocational training, to be prepared for tertiary studies as well as employment. fake Cambridge Higher School Certificate maker, The qualification will be introduced as a pilot in 2015.

There are certain unique features of this qualification that distinguish it from the traditional Higher School Certificate. One is the inclusion of the Cambridge International Technical in ICT, adapted to the local context, in place of an A Level. Another is replacement of the AS General Paper with a mandatory alternative, the AS Global Perspectives, which is designed to develop communication, analytical and research skills. Another is the Work Placement Component (WPC), a structured and supervised placement that provides practical work experience in the industry.

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