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Boston College diploma
Boston College diploma

Boston College (BC), founded in 1863, is a private research university and a Catholic university located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. fake Boston College diploma, Boston College has a long history and is known as the “Jesuit Ivy” and one of the “New Ivies”. Boston College was originally a undergraduate liberal arts college, but later added graduate programs and professional colleges to fulfill its university charter. The official mascot is Baldwin the Eagle.

Boston College was founded in 1863 and is located on Chestnut Hill, MA in Massachusetts. It is one of the finest Catholic universities in the United States. Boston College awards over 3800 degrees annually, covering 50 academic fields and 11 departments. 786 full-time teachers in BC are dedicated to teaching and research, with 93% of them holding doctoral degrees from renowned universities. Boston College currently has 15075 enrolled students, with a university donation of $3.7 billion and an admission rate of 17%.

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There are two universities in Boston that were previously named “Boston” and are easily confused. One is Boston College located in the western suburbs of Boston, and the other is Boston University located within the city of Boston. fake Boston College diploma maker, These are two completely different universities, but both are private comprehensive universities.

The number of applicants for admission to Boston College is constantly increasing, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As a private university, its income mainly comes from voluntary donations from various sectors of society, with donations exceeding 2.1 billion US dollars. It ranks 37th among universities in the United States in terms of donations and third among major universities in Boston, closely behind Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition, the BC school is actively rectifying its affairs and establishing its image. buy a fake Boston College diploma, In 1999, BC invested $4 billion in funds to carry out a series of campus image renovation activities and increased $50 million in financial support for BC students; Provide specific support for various academic research programs and build new facilities and teaching buildings. In February 2016, BC announced an investment of $200 million to expand or upgrade sports facilities on campus.

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