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Berklee College of Music diploma
Berklee College of Music diploma

Berklee College of Music was founded in 1945 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. buy a Berklee College of Music diploma, It is a private music academy. At present, the college has about 4300 students and established its second campus in Spain in 2012.

The most dazzling label of the Berkeley Conservatory of Music is pop music. For nearly half a century, the Berkeley School of Music has always been at the forefront of popular music, mainly teaching modern music such as jazz and rock. Its biggest feature is to regard popular music such as jazz and rock as a respected academic topic for research, and to focus the school’s main financial, human, and educational resources on modern music, which is the biggest difference from music schools such as Julia and Curtis.

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As of 2018, its alumni have won up to 300 Grammy Awards. In recent years, with well-known celebrities such as Ouyang Nana and Wang Yuan going to Berkeley for further studies, there has been an increasing understanding of the school in China, and it has become known as the “pop music hall”.

The Boston campus of Berkeley offers a variety of state-of-the-art academic and technical facilities, from independent recording studios to concert halls capable of recording large ensembles or orchestras. buy Berklee College of Music diploma online, These facilities are equipped with industry standard equipment: recording, sound design, composition, immersive audio, interactive media, MIDI sequencing, music production, acoustics, digital audio, signal processing, multimedia production, computer programming, control systems, etc.

Berkeley’s recording studio complex includes various professional level production facilities, providing multi track digital and analog recording capabilities, automatic mixing, digital audio editing, video post production, multi-channel surround sound mixing, and comprehensive signal processing equipment.

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