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Tung Wah College transcript
Tung Wah College transcript

Tung Wah College was established in 2010 by the largest and most experienced charity organization in Hong Kong, Tung Wah Three Institutes. buy fake Tung Wah College transcript, Tung Wah College has been reviewed by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and has been registered as a private higher education institution eligible for bachelor’s degree (undergraduate degree) programs under the Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Chapter 320).

Adhering to the educational philosophy of “promoting education and nurturing talents, educating without discrimination” Tung Wah College, as well as its expertise and advantages in areas such as medicine, health, education, and social welfare services, Tung Wah College is committed to developing into a private university that provides high-quality higher education. The courses offered by our school focus on theoretical practice, aiming to teach young people to selflessly contribute and become professional talents who undertake social responsibility.

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Four colleges (School of Humanities, School of Management, School of Medical and Health Sciences, and School of Nursing) offer bachelor’s degrees (undergraduate degrees) and advanced diploma programs related to various industries, including psychology, early childhood education, social and business enterprise management, medical information and service management, biomedical science, forensic biomedical science, forensic science, medical laboratory science, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiation therapy, medical imaging, nursing, and applied geriatrics. Tung Wah College academic transcript, The school has over 3400 students, and since its establishment, it has cultivated over 3800 graduates to serve various sectors of society.

Students who have completed the advanced diploma program can enroll in the third year of the undergraduate degree program, which is equivalent to the arrangement of upgrading from junior college to undergraduate in China.

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