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TU Berlin Urkunde
TU Berlin Urkunde

Technische Universität Berlin, abbreviated as TU/TU Berlin, was founded in 1770 and is located in the German capital Berlin. It is situated on the banks of the Spree River, the mother river of Berlin, and is one of the top engineering universities in Europe. It is also the oldest industrial university in Germany.

Berlin Institute of Technology is one of 13 elite universities in Germany, a member of 9 German Union of Technical and Technical Universities (TU9), one of 7 universities in the European Union of Top Industrial Managers (TIME), one of 10 universities in Germany under the European Conference on Higher Engineering Education and Research Universities (CESAER), and one of 6 universities in Germany under the European Union of Aeronautics and Astronautics Universities (PEGASUS).

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At Berlin Institute of Technology, pure theoretical research and applied research are given equal importance. In terms of scientific research, the school has a glorious history. The main scientific research achievements before World War I included tricolor photography, low-voltage technology, photographic flashlights, new technologies in automobile manufacturing, wireless telegraphy, and machine tool kinematics theory. fake TU Berlin Urkunde maker, Other achievements include the development of television technology, automotive exhaust, and electron microscopy. By the 1920s, architects at Berlin Institute of Technology had a significant influence in the construction industry and urban development.

This is the largest engineering university in Germany, located in the German capital Berlin (pre unification in the West Berlin region). Due to its solid training and emphasis on practical technology, graduating alumni often become the target of industry expansion. The current status of Berlin Institute of Technology can also be attributed to the foundation established by the efforts of its predecessors. As early as the era of the Royal Academy of Science and Technology, many famous scientists worked in the academy and achieved important results.

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