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SPM Certificate
SPM Certificate

The Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM), also known as the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, is a diploma that enjoys the same level of treatment as the international GCE O-Level. It is organized by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and supervised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. SPM Certificate online, It is also the last national unified examination in Malaysia during the secondary education stage. Its purpose is to assess the academic achievements, qualifications, and academic performance of high school students in their five-year career.

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Before 1980, the SPM exam was jointly organized by the Malaysian Examinations Authority and the University of Cambridge Examinations Board (UCLES). However, since 1980, UCLES has ceased to be one of the organizers and has been independently organized by the Malaysian Examinations Authority. SPM Certificate sample, However, until now, Cambridge UCLES still provides assistance and guidance to the Malaysian Examination Bureau from the sidelines. Generally, SPM is recognized by various universities both domestically and internationally, and enjoys the same level of treatment as GCE O-Level.

Due to Malaysia’s ongoing reform of its education system, science and mathematics disciplines are currently tested in English. Other subjects will still be tested in Malay, except for language subjects. Due to this, the Malaysian Diploma of Education Examination was conducted on science and mathematics subjects from 2003 to 2006, with questions presented in both English and Malay. Students who took the exam in November 2007 will have their science and mathematics English papers presented in English.

In 2003, a new subject was added to the SPM exam – English for Science and Technology (EST). This is an English exam focused on science and technology. In 2007, students who applied for mathematics and science subjects in English were still required to apply for this subject.

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