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Istanbul Bilgi University transcript
Istanbul Bilgi University transcript

Istanbul Bilgi University, founded in 1996, has approached 23000 students and more than 1000 disciplines and specialties located near by from Golden Bay in the center of Istanbul Furthermore, they provide their students with a fun and scientific atmosphere To achieve this, buy Istanbul Bilgi University transcript, the campuses are required with all the necessary supplies, classrooms, and scientific and specialized laboratories.

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Istanbul Bilgi University students are offered the level of higher education in the United States of America, the African Union for Science and Technology, Asia, and the QS World Foundation Over time, Istanbul Bilgi University has grown into 4 campuses with an area of 206000 square meters and by 2017, Istanbul Bilgi University academic transcript, the number of graduates has reached more than 30000 It is worth mentioning that the University has received several awards for quality and accreditation, including the option of CEA CEA is one of the highest quality certificates of English language in the world Other admissions include M Ü DEK for engineering sciences and the TPD by the Turkish Psychological Association.

Furthermore, the university is teaching most of its specialties in English There is also an electrical museum of the Ottoman Empire located inside the university.

The university has 4 campuses centrally located in İ Stanbul nominally santral istanbul, Ku ş Tepe, Dolapdere and Kozyata ğı.

As of 2020, Istanbul Bilgi University has near 20000 students and 45000 graduates; Approximate 1500 academicians; 7 faculties, 3 institutions, 4 schools, 3 vocal schools, and more than 150 programs that provide education to its associations, under graduate and graduate students.

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