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HKCEE Certificate
HKCEE Certificate

The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE), commonly known as CE, is an open examination organized by the Hong Kong Examinations Authority for students who have completed a 5-year course of secondary education in both Chinese and English secondary schools throughout Hong Kong. buy a fake HKCEE Certificate, Intended to measure the level of student learning ability. The results of the HKCEE are recognized by the Hong Kong government and can be used as a form of education for calculating salaries. Students who take this exam and meet certain requirements can be admitted to the university preparatory program.

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The 2007 Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination offered 39 subjects, with a maximum of 10 subjects for candidates to apply for, while most day school candidates applied for 6 to 8 subjects. Before 1987, the Examination and Evaluation Bureau only allowed candidates to apply for a maximum of 9 subjects. Although there were many exam subjects, students were limited by the regulations of individual schools when choosing subjects. However, some schools allow students to apply for subjects that are not provided by the school through self-study.

The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) has strict evaluation criteria, with the proportion of students achieving A Grade in most subjects being limited to below 5%. Each level is graded in a pyramid form until they fail, commonly known as the “pull curve” or “pull curve”. fake HKCEE Certificate maker, So generally, students who achieve a C Grade in this type of exam are considered to have above average grades.

Except for Chinese, English, French, Chinese history, Chinese literature, English literature, Mandarin, English document processing, business communication, and Buddhism, all subjects can be taken in English or Chinese. Candidates attending English high schools usually take the exam in English; Chinese high school candidates will take the exam in Chinese. However, the language to be tested may not necessarily be related to whether the student is attending a Chinese high school or an English high school. In other words, students in Chinese and English high schools can usually decide on the language to be tested for certain subjects on their own.

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