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GIA diploma
GIA diploma

GIA is the abbreviation for Gemological Institute of America. Robert M. Shipley, founder of the Gemological Institute of America, founded GIA in Los Angeles, USA in 1931. buy a fake GIA diploma, Initially, GIA trained jewelers on how to evaluate wholesale prices through night schools and correspondence programs. In 1953, GIA established its first laboratory in New York, issuing diamond appraisal reports, and then established two other laboratories in Santa Monica, California and downtown LA, officially named Gem Trade Laboratory INC (GTL).

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GTL is under the exclusive appraisal of GIA and is not valued. It is the earliest authoritative appraisal institution in the world to establish the international diamond 4C standard. Adhering to a fair, scientific, and rigorous attitude, every diamond appraised is strictly graded according to the 4C standard. GIA diploma replacement, Therefore, diamonds with GIA appraisal certificates are highly trusted and respected by consumers in the world diamond trading, and are currently the most authoritative diamond appraisal institution internationally.

Belonging to the GTL Laboratory of GIA, this badge is displayed on the GIA Diamond Report. De Beers, a diamond supplier, also praises GIA for establishing a healthy transaction guarantee between the diamond industry and consumers. buy a GIA diploma online, Of course, the main reason is that GIA always stands on the objective rationality and never stops researching and continuously cultivating talents. GIA official website: www.gia. edu, GIA certificate query: www.gia. edu/reportcheck/

Up to now, GIA has 14 teaching institutions worldwide, providing professional research, sales, appraisal and other courses, cultivating high-quality jewelry professionals, and contributing to GIA’s high reputation in the industry, ensuring that the public’s trust and professionalism in it always maintain its leading position in the world.

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