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FH Burgenland transcript
FH Burgenland transcript

Fachhochschule Burgenland is one of the earliest applied technology universities in Austria, with nearly 20 years of experience in education. buy fake FH Burgenland transcript, The employment rate of graduates is close to 100%, and there are currently over 5000 graduates holding middle and senior positions around the world. There are five major departments – economics, information technology and management, environmental and energy management, social work, and health. We offer 9 undergraduate majors and 13 master’s programs, with energy and environmental management being a key major that has a high reputation in the Austrian education industry.

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Burgenland University of Applied Technology has two campuses. The teaching center for economics, information technology, and management is located in Eisenstadt. This city is the capital of the state of Bourgogne, covering an area of 43 square kilometers with a population of 15000. It is the residence of the Esterh á zy family, whom the famous musician Haydn served. There are streets named after Haydn in the small town, including the Haydn Museum and Haydn Church, and the Haydn Music Festival is held every September.

The Department of Environment and Energy Management and the Department of Health at FH Burgenland are located in Pinkfeld, a small town in the southern part of Burgenland with an area of only 28 square kilometers. FH Burgenland academic transcript, It is quiet and comfortable yet vibrant, making it very suitable for learning. Universities have modern libraries, classrooms, laboratories, etc., ensuring that students receive high-quality education. Both campuses have student canteens and small shops, which are convenient for students’ daily lives.

Two campuses have three student accommodation areas, including Eisenstadt’sÖ JAB Haus is located adjacent to the main campus and can accommodate nearly 300 students. buy FH Burgenland transcript online, Eisenstadt also has an elegant student apartment building, Haus der Begegnung, with two types of rooms available: single and double. Students who attend classes on another campus can live in the student dormitories of Pinkafelt, where the gym and sports room are fully equipped. In addition to student dormitories, non local students can also rent houses outside, choose their favorite neighborhood, rent local homes, or share apartments with their friends.

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