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CityU transcript
CityU transcript

Founded in 1984, City University of Hong Kong was a public comprehensive university in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology of China, Chinese University of China, Chinese University of China, Chinese University of China, and China. buy fake CityU transcript, One of the five high-level research universities in the University of Hong Kong.

City University of Hong Kong was formerly the Hong Kong Institute of Technology, established in Mong Kok, Kowloon in 1984. In 1995, it was renamed Hong Kong City University and moved to the current site of Kowloon Tong. In 1997 Advanced diploma course. In 2001, the Shenzhen Research Institute of the City University of Hong Kong was established on the Mainland. In 2013, the Chengdu Research Institute of the City University of Hong Kong was established. In the Mainland, the Suzhou Research Institute, Shenzhen Research Institute, and Chengdu Research Institute were established. In 2024, the City University of Hong Kong (Dongguan) officially established and began to enroll.

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In the academic ranking of the 2019 China Soft Science and Technology World University, the book Information Science ranks 5th in the world. Public management and management science ranks 14th and 16th in the world, respectively. CityU official transcript, Financial science ranks 51-75th and 44th in the world, and the science of materials ranks first in Hong Kong.

The “Re-Exploration of Innovation Course” is implemented to allow students to have the opportunity to participate in original scientific research work, inspire students to seek knowledge, cultivate their innovative ability; Knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspire thinking; add “interdisciplinary” elements to the main subjects, so that students can get involved in various knowledge areas and develop in an all-round way.

In 2005, the Cities University Business School passed the review of the International Management Education Association (AACSB International) to confirm that its target-oriented teaching and research was high-quality. It was the third business school to obtain this certification in Greater China at that time; CityU academic transcript, in 2007, it was obtained. Equis certification (Equis) certification.

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