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Centennial College degree
Centennial College degree

Centennial College is an accredited vocational college in Hong Kong with independent qualifications for awarding bachelor’s degrees, located in Wah Fu Estate. In 2012, funds were allocated from the College of Continuing Education at the University of Hong Kong to establish the university. buy Centennial College degree, The university is a self-sustaining tertiary institution, and after Lingnan University, Centennial College is the second higher education institution in Hong Kong to implement liberal arts education.

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Centennial College has 292 professors and 22 teachers, with 5 major courses in humanities and accounting from students with Hong Kong or foreign backgrounds. The teacher-student ratio is 1:14. Students take courses in a 5-5 time series every academic year, which means they take 5 courses per semester and 2 semesters per academic year. buy a fake Centennial College degree, The name “Mingde” of Centennial College is derived from the motto of “Mingde Gewu” of the University of Hong Kong; The term “Centennial” in English indicates that the establishment of Centennial College coincides with the 100th anniversary of the University of Hong Kong, symbolizing the milestone of innovation in the new century.

The newly established Centennial College of the University of Hong Kong has been officially registered as an accredited vocational college under the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKACA) under the Vocational Colleges Ordinance (Chapter 320), offering full-time self-funded degree programs and awarding bachelor’s degrees.

Centennial College is committed to developing diverse liberal arts education, tailored to the actual situation and needs of Hong Kong. Centennial College bachelor’s degree, Through training in multiple disciplines, students can accurately grasp the current situation and Chinese culture in Hong Kong, as well as the global roles played by China and Asia in the 21st century. The college aims to cultivate a new generation of talents with social adaptability, who, even in the face of the dynamic economic environment of Hong Kong and the world, can bravely accept challenges, thrive, and maintain Hong Kong’s leadership position in the international metropolis.

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