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Cambridge Advanced Certificate
Cambridge Advanced Certificate

CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is the fourth level of the Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate Examination designed by the University of Cambridge Examinations Committee based on the language teaching syllabus developed by the European Commission. buy fake Cambridge Advanced Certificate, It corresponds to the C1 level of the CEFR European Common Language Reference Standard, second only to the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) Cambridge Proficiency Certificate Examination, which is the highest level of the CEFR.

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The CAE exam consists of five parts: reading, language application, writing, listening, and speaking. This exam provides advanced and authoritative qualifications for individuals who wish to use English in their professional work or study. The certificate can be applied for studying abroad, immigration, and job seeking. Most universities in the UK and other English speaking countries recognize CAE and CPE as English language admission requirements.

CAE is the fourth level in the five level series of English as a foreign language exams designed by the University of Cambridge Examinations Committee based on the language curriculum developed by the European Commission, corresponding to the C1 level in the CEFR European Common Language Reference Standard.

The C1 Advanced certificate can prove the candidate’s abilities in multiple aspects:
Being able to receive education in higher education institutions
Capable of efficient communication in management and professional work
Able to freely participate in work conferences, academic courses, and seminars
Can express self opinions very fluently.

The Cambridge Advanced English Certificate Examination and BEC Cambridge Advanced Business English Examination both correspond to the CEFR C1 level, but have an additional pragmatic exam in terms of exam content. The overall content of the exam includes but is not limited to topics such as business, academia, life, literature, etc., covering a wider range of topics, with a more complex number and types of questions.

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